Eating with your eyes


Eating is not only about taste and smell. It is about all senses.

This is why chefs, food artists and designers are constantly seeking for new solutions of food serving.

A dish doesn’t only provide a surface for placing the food but becomes an integral part of the meal and forms the multilayer experience for the consumer.

Ideas are more and more creative and are not only limited to designing a form, but integrate other unusual for food serving media like electronics or lighting.

A few years ago Philips Design in Eindhoven have collaborated with Spanish restaurant Arzak to create a conceptual series of tableware that glows when food is placed on it.

Even though the shapes themselves are nothing new, the overall results are very interesting and show new possibilities how we can perceive dining.
The bone china series – Lunar Eclipse (bowl), Fama (long plate) and Tapa da Luz (serving plate) – is designed to react when food is placed on the plate or liquid is poured into the bowl.

“Juan Mari Arzak and Elena Arzak, of the famous Arzak restaurant in Spain, are pioneering innovators in molecular gastronomy, a cooking method that improves and creates new experiences in the cerebral and sensorial interpretation of food. Philips Design approached Arzak for a creative collaboration employing multi-sensorial gastronomy, design and technology to explore ways in which sensory experience can be enhanced during a meal.” We read on Philips website.

About Philips Design
Philips Design, with 8 branch studios in Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific, is one of the largest and longest-established design organizations of its kind in the world. Its creative force of some 500 professionals, representing more than 35 different nationalities, embraces disciplines as diverse as psychology, cultural sociology, anthropology and trend research in addition to the more ‘conventional’ design-related skills. The mission of these professionals is to create solutions that satisfy people’s needs, empower them and make them happier, all of this without destroying the world in which we live. For more information, please visit:
About Arzak
Arzak, one the world’s best restaurant is based in San Sebastian in Spain
Juan Mari Arzak serves dishes to amaze and amuse the senses. His family have occupied the same site in San Sebastian since 1897, and it remains a family affair with his talented daughter Elena at his side now. Together they offer a modern interpretation of classic Basque cuisine. For more information, please visit:
About madridfusión
Madrid fusion, theatre of ideas, is a three days culinary event in Madrid, Spain that peep into the future and main styles in haute cuisine and business models in which trends, creativity and talented new chefs will be present. For more information, please visit:



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