Summer Workshops schedule


Detailed schedule of the Summer workshops in Poland:

June 28th or 29th (Saturday / Sunday)
Students from Pratt Institute and Central St. Martins arrive in Warsaw or Wrocław (to be confirmed), Poland

June 29th (Sunday)
Travelling to Cmielow

June 30th (Monday)
The project starts in Cmielow Design Studio.
Production of the Art Food : Fabryka Porcelany Cmielow.
Instructor: Marek Cecuła

July 1st-5th
Preparation of plaster moulds

July 5th, 6th
Drying the forms

July 6th (Sunday)
Visiting Sandomierz (to be confirmed)

July 7th– 12th
Casting, fabrications etc.

July 12th, 13th
Bisc Fire, ALL WORKS (the bisc firing in the factory is 36 hours)

July 14th– 21st
Glazing and high fire
Decoration and decoration fire

July 21st (Monday)
Packing all the works

July 22nd (Tuesday)
Departing to Wroclaw (all students and instructors)

July 23rd (Wednesday)
Preparation for the exhibit

July 24th (Thursday)
Opening of the Art Food Exhibition, Wroclaw

July 24th (Friday)
Visiting the city of Wroclaw

July 26th (Saturday)
Departing to NYC and London

All questions regarding the organization of the project shall be addressed to the Art Food project coordinator:
Daga Rogers


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