Working working


Amanda Tong from Central St Martins working on her project “Perfect Imbalance”

The workshops in Cmielow Design Studio have already started.

Poland welcomed students from UK and USA with beautiful weather, calming countryside, fresh fruits and homemade cooking in contrast to the sweaty and noisy industrial enviroment. Both inspiring, drove the students to hard work, discipline and new interpretetions of their projects. We are half way through the project and results so far are very interesting, however some artfooders are struggling with capricious porcelain and have to modify their designs. The process teach them humbleness but at the same time expand creativity, opening new paths for alternative thinking and development.

Working together long hours, the students are making great friendships supporting and helping one another. Experience gained at the best design academies in the world and the strongest ceramic design department in Poland allow them to exchange thoughts, solutions and solve problems while working on one goal- the final presentation of Art Food. Eleven separate projects will form together one coherent exhibition and everybody involved is focusing on it. In twelve days everything will be set and done.

We will keep you posted!



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