Last days


“Topography”, design: Aldana Ferrer Garcia, Pratt Institute, NYC

The last three weeks went really fast. We did not even realize that there are only two days left to our departure from Cmielow…

All works are being finished and packed, divided into three groups and marked: WROCLAW, LONDON, NEW YORK. These intense weeks were well spent, filled with hard work and are summed up with great satisfaction and beautiful results. The students did not even have time to digest all the experience and contemplate the outcome, while rushing  their works to the last firings and wraping still warm pieces which were just coming out of the kilns….

Yet there still will be some days spent together in Poland. Tomorrow the crew will be travelling to Wroclaw where they will be setting up the first Art Food presentation. The photos of the works were already sent to the chefs who will be arranging food for the opening. It is going to be considerable challenge – the designs are diverse, playful and stimulating, we are curious the chefs’ response.

In the meantime let’s sneak last time to the studio and see some works before they will be displayed for the public on Thursday.




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