Art Food 2015 is starting!


Here we are starting already the third edition of the Art Food project. This time we will focus on SENSES. Three academies are getting involved this year:

The students, mostly from industrial design departments, unlikely as in previous editions where we’ve had a majority of ceramic design undergraduates, will compete in a tight race to take a part in summer workshops in Cmielow Design Studio in Poland.
The interest in participating is really high since the Art Food got its renome and worldwide recognition. The past years sucesses, visibility, media coverage and even wdrozenia to production of the most succesful pieces are a driving force for the designers-to-be to gain one of a kind experience in real factory enviroment and working wthin an international team and under a strong leadership of Marek Cecula, the renowned artist, designer and educator.
The students have just started the R&D of their ideas and soon we will be albe to take a peek into each of the three departments to see what they are up to.
Keep checking,  from now on we will be updating the blog regularly!

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