Sensual design


Sensorial Stimuli by Jin Hyun Jeon is a project that can certainly be an inspiration for anyone who puts attention to details in both design and dining.

One would think that a spoon is a spoon and it serves as a utensil that puts an edible substance into one’s mouth, but can it be more than just that? The designer Jin Hyun Jeon proves it can
and carries very interesting analysis and experimental development of this commonly known shape. Moreover, she concentrates not only on the regular form and habitual function of
“a bowl with a handle”, but travels further its typical utility exploring posibilities far beyond the user’s expectations.

With her unusual proposal she challenges the user to perceive food intake much deeper. The consumer is stimulated by sensorial shapes of the utensils and through unexpected feelings she/he experiences while using the set.

“In order to challenge social thought pattern, the project has been conducted in sensory perceptions and intuitive behaviors to engineering emotional experiences and gains insight into the intuitive thought processes of the human brain.” Jin Hyun Jeon writes describing her project.





The Sensorial Stimuli set consists:

1 Inner Roughness, 2 Rear Bump, 3 Edged Bump, 4 Fronted Volume, 5 Inner Pattern, 6 Candy Volume
(in left-right order)
Material : Alumina, Ceramics




All images © Jin Hyun Jeon – Website


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