The workshop has started


It’s Monday and all the students have arrived in Cmielow yesterday afternoon. Some after a very long journey did not even have a chance to rest, due to an early wake up call this morning and full mobilization for work. The first week is dedicated to plaster: correcting and adjusting the models, making the moulds and maybe there will be even a chance for first castings.

We have full staff operating at the studio to help less experienced students and also to advice, direct and inspire everyone who is in need.

Marek Cecula, the leader of the project, is overlooking the whole process from the very beginning when all the ideas were just lying flat on paper to now, when they have reached three dimensional level and within the coming weeks will turn into porcelain products. Marek will make sure everything goes seamless and “undercut-less” and will provide his tremendous erudition combined with loads of energy and unique spirit to all participants.

Edyta Cieloch will be assisting everyone and helping with daily struggles, supervising that noone is lacking anything. She will also take care of the students well being.

Ania Mendak will look after the safety arrangements around the factory, directing everyone the least hazardous way throughout the hot and noisy corridors and hallways.

Krzysio Łobczowski is the man of the beginning. He knows plaster like nobody else. So during the first week he’ll be helping everyone to avoid any disasters in the mould making process.

And on the end we have a surprice. Alicja Patanowska liked our project so much so she decided to come and help us! She will share her knowledge, experience, skills and talent and will be available for the students to advice, help and inspire.

Good luck!

Keep checking as we will keep you posted what’s cooking in the Studio.

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