fun with casting

IMG_6395As the hardest job is already behind the group and the most frustrating but eventually extremely rewarding in front of them, they can now purely enjoy the easy slip casting process.

The molds are well done so all pieces come out of them smooth and beautiful, to the delight of students. However they are not yet fully conscious what lays ahead…Most of them had never worked with clay and only few have experience with porcelain, none with high fired industrial clay.

This material is very difficult to deal with- unpredictable and capricious, fired to 1380 degrees Celsius, gets soft in such high temperature, shrinks as much as 17%, deforms, cracks and often stacks to kiln shelves or other objects placed near by. It takes years of practice to understand its behaviour and to design with full comprehension of this medium.

Art Food as the conceptual project is a lot about experimentation with form and material, so this is the best exercise the students can get while working in the real industrial environment but being allowed to enjoy the freedom of interpretations and not being limited by industrial standards. However, through observing and learning the “real factory stuff” they are gaining knowledge about professional approach to design in porcelain.


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