The project is a coordinated collaboration between Adam Mickiewicz Institute,
three colleges:

Polish heritage manufacturer, Cmielow Porcelain, Poland
and Modus Design, Kielce, Poland.

Project overview:

In ceramic design education, a new project is taking place offering students experience based on the reality of designing, creating and communicating ideas for production.
The approach is to take education out of college into the real world, to seek conditions that prepare students for professional work within the material based medium (ceramics).

The aim of this project is to design functional ceramic objects for displaying and presenting culinary art and to develop porcelain forms which show the beauty of food and serve as a canvas for the gourmet works of the chefs and food stylists. The goal is to cooperate with the ceramic industry where students will execute their projects, gain experience and create contacts with the industry.

Students will produce the works in the Polish porcelain factory during 3 weeks Summer residency (during the Summer break) in Cmielow, Poland. Depending on the final results of the project, there is a possibility that some designs will become a product that is mass produced and distributed on a wide market.

The project strives for professional ceramic standards, with designs appropriate for industrial production. Final products must show innovation, clarity in aesthetic, be functional and have marketable potentials. The designs will be coordinated with professionals in the field to offer maximum utility with maximum creative potentials. Lecture/workshop with chef and from restaurant critic will be conducted in the beginning of the project.

The project will be developed during the Spring/Summer semester/trimester and then produced during the summer break.
For the factory workshops there will be 4 best projects selected from each school, 12 students all together will travel to Poland to Cmielow Design Studio to execute their designs.

There will be at least three shows that will present the whole collection. Art Food will be exhibited in Gdansk, Poland directly after the workshops, then in London during Ceramic Design Bienalle and lastly in NYC, later in the Fall of 2015.

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